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Retractable Reels - Power - Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat7 - 4k HDMI - VGA - Audio - Coaxial - Fiber

Spring and Motorized Retractable Reels

Outdoor and Indoor Reels

15' to 100' Spring Reels

15' to 2000' Mortorized Reels   

Table and Cart Mounted Reels 

Ceiling Mounted Reels 

Custom and OEM Reels

Hannay Reels

Cat5e Cat6 Cat7 Siamese Triamese and Quadiamese Reels

AC DC Power, Phone, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, 4k HDMI, Coaxial, VGA BNC XLR Firewire Speakon 3.5mm RCA Mic HDMI Rs232 Rs485 retractable cable reels


On our  store  Lightcast-Store-Reels page.for over 400 versions of reels





Flat Mounts 15 to 40 feet -Black - Sheet Metal - 6.5'' diameter (15') or 9'' diameter (40' cable)


New Swivel Mounts up to 90 feet - Red - 12'' diameter (50' cable) - 15.5 diameter (55-90' cable)  - ABS

   lightcast retractable ethernet cable cables reel  


Newest with a tough metal 5 position locking swivel mount and handle - Black - 15 to 50 feet - 12'' diameter - tough ABS

retractable data lan network cables cable reels by lightcast



Cables come in many differnt colors, molded, stranded, gold on gold plugs, 24awg UTP and 26 STP high quallity patch cables

Adjustable stop on cord.

Automatic pawl and ratchet locks cord at desired length. Retracts with slight tug on cord

Full factory warranty 1 year ask about 2 and 3 years.

In many cases used for police docking / upload stations.

Custom reels available, call and ask us what can be made. 



 ethernet reel



New audio XLR, VGA, SVGA, S-video, USB, BNC,optical cables with retractable reels available. CAll for details.  see www.outdoorcablereels.com

CAll for new pricing today 1-678-339-2326 ext 2  Promotions may be available


Retractable Cat5e - Cat 5 e - Cat6 - Cat 6 -  retractable cable reels


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