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Lightcast® Networks Virtual Church: to Reconnect Church and your Home-Bound and Care-Giver Members


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Lightcast®  Networks provides the first real-time connection to your various services and presentations in your sanctuary or classroom using simple and reliable telecommunication technology. 

We offer assistance to churches and other various religious organizations in evaluating their remote ministries. We then design and select the appropriate real-time audiocast equipment and services, coordinate the installation and implementation then provide the  necessary training to get started.

The audiocast service and equipment is modest in cost and simple to use. It was designed for the primary purpose of bringing the spiritual ministry to the chronic and temporary homebound who may be isolated from the congregation due to their immobility. These may include the elderly, the disabled, those with sick or newborn children, patients with debilitating illnesses, and in some cases, the person in a self imposed state of isolation. New applications of use have already emerged and are present in our services offerings.

Lightcast provides these services utilizing designed technology in a very affordable way. Simply put, your organization is connected to your participants through your local telephone network and our telephone network. Using Lightcast certified equipment placed at the organization's venue and at your remote-bounds' locations, this becomes a quality connection. This permits the person who is hearing the service, as well as others who may be gathered around, to enjoy the service as it is in progress from their remote location. Bring a closer Presence to an event.   We allow a small church the broadcast abilities of a large church that may have budgets for radio or TV. We can broadcast their classrooms and other special events, like Sunday or Wednesday night, which are not on radio or TV. We have the ability to allow anyone in the nation to listen. We have the ability to let anyone in the world with a telephone to speak to the congregation using our 2-way service.

Many of your church’s Home-Bounds and Care-Givers need to participate in a live church service for inspiration, spiritual growth, meaningful worship and to feel involved. Let the joy of providing this to them be yours. Intentionally activate your inactive and grow their role with Lightcast Networks.

* They were the supporting foundation of the church before; bring the secure and joyous feeling of Church at the normal time Church is to be heard.

 * Allow them to listen to service or class from anywhere in the nation, and for a fraction of the cost of a radio ministry.
* It's a spiritual outreach, it's fellowship and it's ministering beyond the pews, in real time with no high tech worries. This is simple.
* Emphasize a sense of belonging for your Home-Bounds and involve new members with "Visit and Listen" ministries. Simple as visiting with a hymnal or program and listening to service over the Lightcast system with a Home-bound.
* When church budgets are tight, this is what a Sunday School class can do to help a Home-bound: Adopt-a-Homebound ministry and take responsibility in helping a Home-bound re-connect. As little as a nickel a day per class member can easily fund the ministry.
* Works nationwide and services capable of internationally.

* Call us for a sample service to dial in and listen to one Sunday.  

*Your church service is worth listening to live. Let your Home-bound's church leader know there are alternatives and you would like them to look at this one. 


How does Lightcasting work:

Simply said, for churches who may not have the opportunity to use radio or TV broadcasts,  our Flag Ship service "Virtual Church" connects your Home-bounds and Care-Givers to your church so they can listen to the service in real time. We make this happen using methods which include equipment at the church, our telephone network and simple but high-quality telephone receiver at the home. All a church needs to provide is one telephone line at their sound system. The Home-bounds will need to use their own telephone line during the service. We will supply the rest. No computers involved. We can connect Home-bounds to Sunday school classrooms, an Easter Play or Christmas Cantata as well. You just tell us the times and dates. This is a church funded service, Home-bounds do not pay for anything. See our Funding Sources web page for some great ideas on how this may cost little to nothing for a church.


Endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention and the Church of God in Prophecy.

Thom S. Rainer, President LifeWay Christian Resources      ENDORSEMENT

"Lightcasting is relevant and authentic because your Church's live interactive service creates a Presence that really does matter."

Our Lightcast Home Receivers are simple and have a high quality sound. Call on Lightcast Networks to help your church reconnect to your Homebounds and Care-Givers.




At Lightcast® Networks, we understand the importance of the personal touch in an outreach ministry. 

Our service, “Lightcast Virtual Church” is designed to supplement your current ministries, allowing your lay ministry an opportunity to implement an easy technology that will bring in even stronger relationships with remote or homebound members.  Bring your members a new simple method for receiving the message in a live, real time format. Allow for discipleship giving lay helpers the opportunity and joy of helping connect this shadow congregation with a method as simple and reliable as the telephone.


Next to low costs, ease of use is a top priority at Lightcast Networks. Our technologies are simple to install and easy to use. Plug in the high-quality sounding Lightcast Certified Home Receiver, press a two buttons and the live audio “Presence” of your church can be experienced at the home. Whether it’s the Sunday Morning Worship Service, a Sunday Morning Classroom, or a special event in the sanctuary, the Lightcast Network audiocast is there, live and real time.  We are creatures of habit; Sunday morning is the time to experience church, now those who had to wait on tapes can listen with no delays. The lay and care ministry personal touch is very important, many are setting schedules for visitation with this real-time connection in mind. "Visit and Listen Ministries" are beginning new bonds with mutual spiritual significance. 


Today, religious leaders are viewing “Virtual Church” as an opportunity to reconnect to a part of the membership that may have been forgotten. It gives each congregation a personalized and effective tool for providing a ministry to those that may be less mobile due to illness or age. Branding the live audiocast with the name of the church provides instant recognition and a sense of belonging back to the homebound. 


Lightcast Networks has eliminated the distance barriers that so often keep loved ones, relatives and close friends, from attending weddings, baptisms, graduations, and other special events at your church by providing access world wide. Missionaries no longer have to travel stateside to share their progress with the congregation.

COST EFFECTIVE ---  6  Cents A Day Method:

Sponsoring “Lightcast Virtual Church”. Hospitals and Assisted Living facilities recognize the healing power of real time connections to the local churches and will partner with them to provide this service to their patients and residents. Sunday Schools are developing   Adopt – a – Homebound” program(s) and family members are seeing the value in providing this ministry to a homebound loved one.  Many have said, "for the cost of the change in our classroom's members' pockets, our class can fund a homebound's service."  For a 12 member classroom the cost less than 50 cents a week per member ( or 6 cents a day )  to sponsor one remote-bound each week. In most cases it is much much more economical and effective than radio. Accessible nationwide and the ability for 2-way. Use your existing church fax line and make the service or classroom open to as many members or non-members who may need your ministry.


For Pricing call us our email us at sales@lightcastnetworks.com

1-866-865-2278 ext 2


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